October 27, 2011

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Do you want to start an online business, but you don’t know where to start?  Do you want to grow your online business and have not gotten the results you hoped for?  Well, welcome to Melodye’s Marketing Mastery. Here you will find step by step training and resources for building and expanding your online business.

For the newbies, the focus here is on getting you started as soon and as quickly as possible and in the easiest manner possible.  This should be challenging but not overwhelming.

For those of you who have an online business and want to see growth and better returns, the focus will be on honing certain skills such as lead generation and list building.

I want to keep things simple and give you a system to follow in order to build or expand your business. The basics are getting started with your blog, finding an offer, promoting your offer and building your email lists.

Your blog is the hub of your business.  What I don’t want you to do is spend all day everyday blogging.  Blogging is not a business.  Yes, you can monetize your blog for additional income, however, I want you to focus on generating traffic (leads).

Some of you may already have an offer such as an MLM you represent, an affiliate product or your own product or service.  Some may not have any at all.  Like the above examples, I would suggest you keep it simple and start by promoting someone else’s offer.  You will not spend months trying to create a product, you will be promoting a proven product or service. It’s the simplest way to get started in online marketing.

Promoting your offer can be done in several ways.  There are various forms of traffic generation: 

  • Free – usually consisting of SEO Optimization, article writing, video marketing, etc.
  • Paid – Some examples are PPC (Pay-per-click), PPV, media buys, etc.
Each of the above requires training to be effective.  I would suggest that you choose one form of traffic generation that fits your personality and budget and focus on that first until you are successful with it, then tackle another one.


It is so tempting to buy every course and implement many strategies, but that usually just leads to overload and failure (trust me, I know).  So like I said earlier, I will try to keep it simple.  List building and traffic generation are HUGE and will not be mastered overnight. Concentrating on these two aspects of your online business will put you ahead of the crowd.
I am a student as well.  I am still learning from other successful marketers that show a true desire to help and mentor others.  I will take what I have learned and share it with others.  I started Melodye’s Marketing Mastery to provide my readers with the tools, resources, products and services to move their online business forward.  Don’t expect to “get rich quick”, this will take time, effort, determination and persistence on your part.  There may be days that you wonder “what the hell am I doing?”  I urge you to get quiet, maybe take a break, then keep pushing forward.  There is too much money to be made online, you simply need to crack the code.Thank you for taking this journey with me.

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