In Part 1 of this List Building Series, you learned how to get started with building your list community and discovered some vital resources to help you with your email marketing. Now we’ll cover the important elements of a converting capture page.

List building requires that you start to build an email list by capturing a person’s name and email address on a page. When the person enters their information, they are added to your autoresponder list to be contacted forever until they unsubscribe. This page is called a “capture” or “squeeze” page.

If you create your own product(s) or are an affiliate marketer, you will have to make your own squeeze pages. Don't worry if you’re not a design expert! I’ll tell you about a great plugin to create great looking professional capture pages!

These are the elements for creating a great squeeze page for your list building:

1. Compelling Headline – the headline should grab the reader.

2. Benefit List – the reasons why your content is going to help them get closer to what they want. Capture forms without the benefits list are also used frequently.

3. Call to Action – tell visitors exactly what you want them to do.

4. Opt-in Form – so that visitors can type in their name and email address.

5. Email Notice – give visitors a reason to submit their REAL email address. Sometimes people submit bogus emails just to get the freebie. For example, “Your download will be sent to your inbox”

6. Privacy Statement – let visitors know that you won’t take their info and sell it to a 3rd party.

7. Formatting – the page should look nice and professional.

Capture Page Tool For List Building

I highly recommend ​Thrive Architect and I use it myself to regularly create Opt-in pages for my business.

In fact, you can create complete sales funnels with Thrive Architect. For the less technically inclined they also have pre-made capture forms templates that you can quickly and easily edit for your business needs. To start creating your capture forms, Click Here.

Want to see an in-depth video on building an effective Capture landing Page?

Check out this awesome mini-course presented by Shane at Thrive Themes (don’t worry, it’s just a couple of short videos).

You’ll see the elements that I mentioned earlier being used to create a squeeze opt-in page that you can create with ANY good landing page creator.

Keep all of these elements in mind and be creative when creating your squeeze pages. I also suggest that you start a squeeze page swipe file. When you see capture pages that get your attention and make you want to opt-in, take a screenshot of that page (I use Jing) and keep it for reference.

I also recommend studying copywriting which will help you in your list building activities. I wrote an article on copywriting tips that can get you started in the right direction. Check it out.

Peace & Marketing Mastery,

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