March 4, 2013

Make Money Online For FreeMaking money online is doable.  However, how to make money online for free is a bit more challenging.  Don’t get me wrong, it is possible but will take a lot of hustle and determination on your part.  This route is definitely a tough one.


In a perfect situation, you would have as much money and resources as you would require for your business. But reality is many times much different.  If you are one of those people who don’t have cash coming out the whazoo for your online business, then keep reading.  I want to show you how to make money online for free (or almost free).

First Things First!

First you need a product or service to sell.  Your options are to create your own product or promote someone else’s product.  Creating a product will take some time to do.  Most people create an ebook to sell.  How-to videos are good as well.  This method will probably cost you some money.

What I want to focus on is affiliate marketing,  using someone else’s product to make money, to make money online for free because it is fast and easy to start doing.  It does not cost anything to become an affiliate.  There are many places to start your affiliate marketing business.  I have a few suggestions:


Clickbank is the top affiliate marketing marketplace.  There are digital products offered in all niches.  Join Clickbank and go through the marketplace to find a product in a niche that has buyers.  There are always buyers in the internet marketing, e-business niche; the health and fitness niche; dating and relationships niche; and self-help niche.  Choose a popular product with high gravity because this means that the product is selling.  You obviously want to market a product that people are buying.

This is a good option for making money online for free because the product owners usually have affiliate tools for you to use to promote with like a sales page, ads, banners, images, etc.  You don’t have to spend money to create these things and you earn by referring customers.

Evergreen Products or Services

You can also start with some products or services that are evergreen; meaning that these products will always be needed and in demand.  Some products that fit this category are web hosting, autoresponders, products that business owners need to build and grow their business.

Again, most times becoming an affiliate is free.  There are some products that  require you to purchase the product or service to be an affiliate, but there are so many that are free to join that this should not be an issue for you.

What’s next?

The easy part is done.  Now that we have a product to market we have to get it in front of people so we can start generating sales.  This is the part where it can get a little hairy.  Again in your ideal world, you’d have plenty of cash to pay as much as you needed for advertising or even pay someone else to do it for you.

Free advertising can be successful but it is a longer road and you will need patience and persistence. Some of the ways to generate free traffic are:

Article Marketing

If you have a blog, you can simply write an article about your product or service or an article on a topic related to the product.  Tell the buyer why they need it and how they will benefit.  Give your affiliate link to purchase the product and that’s pretty much it.  I would suggest using a link cloaker so that your affiliate links are not stolen.  You can use the link cloaker offered with IBOToolbox.  You can join IBOToolbox for free.

Once you have written your article and posted it to your blog you now need to get back links to your blog/article and get exposure to your article.  We’ll start with social bookmarking.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking helps you to share your content online and get traffic to your site.  You can join numerous bookmarking sites and share your content manually one by one or you can do it smarter with TribePro.  TribePro is a membership site that allows you to share your content with hundreds to thousands of people with very little effort.  The concept of TribePro is to use the efforts of others.  You connect with other members and they share your content and you share theirs.

You can join TribePro for free and you can also upgrade to have greater options.  I do suggest the Plus membership because you are able to auto-submit and auto-syndicate which makes the process MUCH faster and easier.  If you can only do the free membership – start there and build as you earn income.

Article Distribution

I recommend article distribution as well.  There is a free to join site called SpinDistribute that will spin (create unique versions of your article) and distribute your articles to hundreds of websites related to your niche, such as article directories, blogs and other content-rich websites, creating 800+ relevant backlinks to your site.

You will have to buy credits to distribute your article , but you can buy 5 credits for $5 and it only costs 4 credits to distribute an article.

Classified Ads

You should not ignore classified ads as a source for traffic to your site or offer.  Thousands of people frequent classified sites everyday.  I use a free site called A-Z Adboards to make money online for free.  You can place a free ad on the board everyday and also promote 3 of your primary opportunities.  Your ad starts in spot #1 on the board and as more ads are added to the board, your ad moves down until it is off the board.

Here’s a source for the top 36 classified ad sites.  You can also google “free classified sites” to get started as well.

Video Marketing

Video marketing can be done for free or very inexpensively.  You can do a video with you taking about your experiences with a product or service and the benefits with your affiliate link (cloaked) to the product site.  If you’re shy and don’t want to be on camera, you can always create a slide presentation with PowerPoint or Open Office and record it with a free tool like Screencast-o-matic with your audio.  You can be creative here and have fun.

After creating the video, you will need to upload the video to video sharing sites.  You can also share and do social bookmarking for your videos the same as you did with your article.

Facebook & Twitter

I don’t want to neglect to mention Facebook and Twitter as free means to market yourself and your products and services.  You can post your article and video links to your profile or page to share with your friends/followers.  A good idea on Facebook is to upload your video to your page rather than just linking to it.  Make sure the video is not too long though.  Try to keep it to a couple of minutes.

I would suggest doing all of these things together as a marketing strategy to make money online for free.  Continue doing this and you will get targeted visitors to your site and hopefully conversions.  You can then start all over with another product to promote and build multiple streams of income from numerous affiliate products.

Other Social Sites

There are other social networks as well that you can join to network and market your services.  I belong to Linkedin and IBOSocial as well.

Free Quick Start Checklist

Successful online marketers learned the basics of setting up a profitable online business that will take too long to explain in this article.  Increase your chances of success by downloading and following the Quick Start Checklist for Starting an Online Business.  Download your FREE checklist here

Best wishes in your biz.


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I am passionate creating products, my cats and loving my life. I didn't always have that passion - I worked that crazy J.O.B. and was miserable. Finally, I took control of my life and forged a new and brave path. I stepped out of my comfort zone (or should I say my uncomfortable zone) and committed myself to becoming an Internet Marketing Master. I am learning and growing each day. In fact, there's seldom a day that I don't squeal in delight and pat myself on the back about something I've learned or accomplished. I work from home and I'm loving it. If you wanna know more, feel free to contact me and ask.


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