Mark Hoverson Law of Money AttractionI wanted to share this fantastic video of Mark Hoverson.  I actually cried because like Mark, I was in a really bad place as well financially.  I had nothing and was depending on the kindness of others to survive.  And like Mark, my will and determination to be successful in online marketing never wavered.

Keep your head up, stay positive and may your sweat be your blessing.  Enjoy!

[videomate id=7]

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I am passionate creating products, my cats and loving my life. I didn't always have that passion - I worked that crazy J.O.B. and was miserable. Finally, I took control of my life and forged a new and brave path. I stepped out of my comfort zone (or should I say my uncomfortable zone) and committed myself to becoming an Internet Marketing Master. I am learning and growing each day. In fact, there's seldom a day that I don't squeal in delight and pat myself on the back about something I've learned or accomplished. I work from home and I'm loving it. If you wanna know more, feel free to contact me and ask.


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